If you are seeking out another snake game to master, don’t forget to try one called unblocked – a free snake game inspired by and playable in browsers. In game, you are a small worm when spawning in the map. You cannot defeat your enemies with this small size, which is why you are tasked with collecting dotted objects on the map first to get your size larger and then you can think about fighting against others. The more dots you absorb, the larger you will become, giving you so much strength to take on your opponents. You can use your long body to encircle other snakes, bypass them by speeding up your worm and quickly cut them off. Do your best to make them crash into you, and make sure you will not run into another worm’s body, or else your game will be over. You aim to become the largest worm on the server! Play it now! Have fun with game!

How to Play

Direct the movement of your worm using the mouse. Shoot mass using the left mouse or the W key. Click the right mouse or use the spacebar to dash forward and use the F key for using the items.